Working With the Grucci’s

photo 2Never in a million years did I think I would be working on a Grucci show, let alone a really big one like this. But since I am officially a "Freelance Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Expert," I guess I'll get the chance to do more things like this. I wonder if I'll ever use my skills at making fireworks again, to feel the coolness of mixed powders, or soft finish paper? I think so, some day, but for now I'm doing this. I arrived in Dubai yesterday afternoon. After a long but comfortable flight I looked out the window for the first time as we approached our landing and saw the World Islands from above and the Palm Jumeirah. They both looked unreal and small from the plane. We'll see when I get there. For my first time in an Arab country I felt comfortable. There's the word of the day. Riding from the airport to the hotel, meeting the Grucci Guys, settling into the room – comfortable, and even flying halfway across the world with strangers and trying to sleep upright in a tight economy seat in the back of a Boeing 777.

Tomorrow we head to the Burj Khalifa to get started on an amazing project and I'm feeling pretty…well…comfortable.

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